SEH Computers Acquires Nopper Insurance Software

Paul Nopper & Associates Inc. is pleased to announce the merger of their Nopper insurance software division with SEH Computer Systems Inc. The definitive agreement which came into effect on January 1, 2015, ensures long term backup of both DOS and Windows Insurance Program (WIP). It also includes the Nopper Auto Quote engine.

SEH Computers Acquires Nopper Insurance Software (2015, February 17). The Chronicle, 2015-07. Retrieved from

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SEH, Nopper Merge OPS

P&C INSURANCE company software provider SEH Computer Systems has welcomed the merger of its business with the insurance division of Hamilton-based computer consultants Paul Nopper & Associates. Allan Griwatz will continue to be the Nopper insurance software’s primary contact person and will join and work with the SEH development team in Tavistock, Ont. SEH began as a computer department at a farm mutual in southern Ontario and has grown to become a leading provider of software systems for p&c insurers across Canada.

SEH, Nopper Merge OPS (2015, March 2). Thompson’s World Insurance News, pg. 8.