Titan is the only software you’ll ever need to successfully run your Property and Casualty insurance company. Greater than a policy and claims administration system, Titan is a full-featured, fully integrated product that forms the core of our suite of products and covers all your requirements from policy data entry and maintenance to business management to statistical, regulator, and statutory reporting. This comprehensive, agile software provides a solid data conversion experience, up-to-date support for regulatory reporting, timely rollout of changing regulatory reporting requirements, and an encrypted database and document management system.

Our extensive experience, technical expertise and deep understanding of the challenges posed by an ever-shifting set of requirements within the insurance industry enable us to provide unparalleled support.

Titan has merged with Nopper insurance systems in a new and exciting expansion that ensures our innovative system will continue to be the best property and casualty insurance software.

Efficient Task Administration

Titan enables fast and easy policy entry and provides an automatic rating for the policy module, which helps streamline processes and ensure accuracy. Titan assists in P&C1 reporting by completing 90 percent of your filing for you, significantly improving productivity and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Complete integration of insurance functions and accounting functions ensures that information is current at all times. Full encryption of data and Titan-generated reports allows data to be constantly and consistently kept secure. Support is provided for all regulatory and statistical reporting requirements.

Additional features:

  • Statistical submissions (IBC/OMIA)
  • Simplified Bank Reconciliation
  • A variety of payment methods, including cash, cheque, credit card, preauthorized withdrawal (PAC), or post-dated cheque
  • EDI, using CSIO standards and XML for uploading and downloading
  • CSIO-compliant download to broker systems
  • Online Deposit
  • Track Claims
  • Business analysis
  • Investments Tracking
  • Full Notes System with diary record keeping, as well as abeyances and inspection notes
  • Digital Media Storage linked to claims, policies, General Ledger and Premiums Receivable entries, and cheques
  • Integrated Inspection System

Titan Modules


Titan’s Policy module enables you to create and maintain a list of clients, as well as create quotes and policies for new and existing clients, including farm, residential, commercial, and automobile. Automatically rate policies with the click of one button. Preview declaration page, certificate, auto certificate, and liability slips. Print on either preprinted forms or plain paper. Automatically renew policies singly or by batch.

Premiums Receivable

Quickly and easily enter and track billing and payment information for polices and agents/brokers. Maintain payment plans, including updates required for policy endorsements. Generate statements and reports for policy clients and agents/brokers. The ability to track credit card and P.A.C. payments and schedules, and reconcile monthly submissions to bank statements helps ensure timely and cost-effective service levels.

General Ledger

Create and maintain general ledger accounts, journal entries, receipts, and disbursements. This module allows you to generate a variety of reports, including financial statements, trial balance, GL transactions, account analysis, budget work sheets, and more.


Print cheques generated from Claims, Premiums Receivable, GL, etc. Easily track information about cheques like cheque/stock numbers, payees, and reference information, such as invoices covered by payments. Additionally, you can search for specific cheques, match cheques/deposits, reconcile bank accounts, and maintain a list of payees.


Titan’s Claim Module enables you to create and maintain claims, claimants, Accident Benefit claim details, reserves, and payments, as well as automatically calculate reinsurance. Catastrophe claims and related claims are grouped and reinsurance is calculated across the groupings. The Claims module works in conjunction with Accounts Payable allowing multiple invoices from a vendor to be collapsed into a single payment cheque.


This simple user interface affords timely generation of reports for regulatory reporting to IBC or OMIA, and use of in-house statistics to review and analyze your business. For example:

  • Portfolio Premium/Claims Analysis
  • Provider Summary
  • Policy Cancellation Report
  • Amount of Property Insurance
  • Auto Exposure Analysis


Set up and maintain rating tables for discounts, surcharges and additional coverages, as well as warranty/comments for inclusion on policies. This module also maintains cross referencing for policy wordings and reinsurance treaties.


Optimize efficiency by managing your investment portfolio and accurately tracking current and historical values of investments, income, accounting, statistics, and trends.


Simplify the process of entering and maintaining information about agents, brokers and adjusters, such as names, addresses and commission, inflation rates, and current status. Easily transfer business from a retiring agent to another agent in the system.

Digital Media Storage

Attach scanned documents, photographs, or video clips to a policy, claim, GL entry, PR entry, or cheque. For more information please view the Atlas product page.

Integrated Notes

Easily send and receive messages and abeyances, track responses from other users, and apply remarks and popup notes to records in order to indicate where/when additional attention is required.


Detailed reports can be generated on almost any aspect of the business.

As a comprehensive system backed by more than two decades of innovation, Titan allows you to capitalize on the advantages of full integration and empowers you to more effectively manage your insurance processes.

Minder Pro is an intelligent operations solution designed specifically to simplify and automate back-office processes. With Minder Pro you can stay more connected and more organized with status and time reporting, internal communications, company-wide bulletins, shared calendar, generated reports, and more.

Minder Pro is already running when you log into your computer and will automatically sign you in and out each day. You need only be concerned with entering occurrences that will change your status, such as lunch, appointments, etc. Status/time tracking records virtual punch clock times that include space for notes and shows user status at a glance.

A shared calendar linking all users lists events in user-defined colours, as well as user-defined priority. Monthly, weekly, and daily views provide centralized and streamlined access to essential information. A scrollable event list conveniently displays all the results of a filter or search. For optimal accuracy and efficiency filter and keyword searches show only what you’re looking for.

A clear, unified view of the calendar enables you to determine at a glance an extended absence, such as a vacation, business trip, client site visit, special event, etc. An override option enables changes to be made as necessary to another employee’s status.

Instant private messaging allows company users to easily communicate without Internet access. Additionally, users have the ability to conference and share links and files. Quick one-way message alerts can be sent to one or multiple users, resulting in improved communication and workflow efficiencies and increased productivity.


  • Send bulletins and alerts companywide or to groups
  • Bypass email using a private chat box for internally hosted conversations
  • Receive notifications of employee status changes in real time
  • Effortlessly generate reports, such as virtual time clock reports, calendar reports and more.

Fully integrated with Titan, Atlas is a document management system that stores supporting documents, such as photos, scanned documents, pdf files, audio/video, etc. Atlas allows you to add photos, scanned applications and electronic inspection forms to a policy, or add photos or dash cam or surveillance video to a claim.

Atlas is easily accessed from multiple areas of Titan, such as policies, claims, premiums receivable and general ledger entries, cheques, etc., and simplifies the search of Titan records for supporting documents and attachments.


  • Effectively and efficiently streamlines processes
  • Built-in flexibility provides immediate access to client information
  • Add documents as required
  • Import or scan photos

Inspect is a separate program that integrates with our Titan software that gives you exceptional freedom to securely manage your inspection onsite with a tablet. You can add relevant narratives and notes, take photos with the tablet camera, and then effortlessly send your report and imported images to the head office. As one of Titan’s important precepts, Inspect provides tremendous flexibility by ensuring the information you need to communicate is readily available, saving time and expediting the inspection process.


  • Quick and easy entry of inspection details using standard terminology
  • Supports attachment of digital photographs
  • Remote submission to head office
  • Automatic notification to distribution list
  • Automatic association with a specified policy in Atlas


SEH Computer Systems is proud to deliver our refreshed product called QuoteShark.
This quoting software will allow you to quote and convert to a printable OAP1 Application form for the following types of motor vehicles:


  • Private Passenger Automobiles (GLM rating)
  • Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Light and Heavy Farm Vehicles
  • Antique and Classics Private Passenger Vehicles
  • Miscellaneous Vehicles: ATV, Snowmobiles, Travel Trailers, and Utility Trailers


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