Privacy Statement

As a technology and development company, SEH Computer Systems Inc. gathers personal information about clients, which is used solely for internal administration and communication. This information is not shared with outside sources without the written permission of those individuals involved.

We do not accumulate personal information about individuals who are not our employees or clients, however, we do have access to our clients’ databases, which contain personal information. These client databases are used by our computer software for the purpose of assisting our clients to run their businesses in an efficient manner. Administration, policy information, claims administration, and premium payment information are all stored in the client databases. In the course of advancing the computer software used by clients, SEH Computers Systems Inc. will have access to this personal information for the purposes of issuing policies, receiving claims, and tracking premium payments. It is not possible for our clients to run their businesses without this information.

Personal information is only accessed to assist SEH Computer systems Inc. in carrying out support or development tasks the client may require. Any data used during these tasks will be retained only as long as necessary for the original purpose.


All Personal Information gathered is encrypted and protected by appropriate safeguards and procedures. Access to computer software is limited to SEH Computer Systems Inc. employees for software development and information in the databases may be used only for work-related purposes.

Resolving Your Privacy Concerns

In the event of questions about access to your Personal Information, collection, use or disclosure or this policy, please contact our Privacy Officer by sending an email to