Mastercom BrokerEDI Gateway Acquisition

SEH Computer Systems is pleased to announce the acquisition of the BrokerEDI Gateway from Mastercom Consulting.

The BrokerEDI Gateway is used by many companies in the Mutual Insurance community in Canada for distributing eSlips as well as data exchange between Insurance companies and brokers using CSIO standards. Since 1995 companies have been using the product to send documents and information using digital delivery to improve turn-around times for policy holders, saving physical printing and postage costs and shrinking companies carbon footprints.

“Mastercom has built a valuable product in the BrokerEDI Gateway and we were in a position to provide business continuity and future enhancements technology such as the download of CSIO XML polices to an important technology for our community” explains Mark Ross, CEO of SEH Computer Systems. “This is a win-win-win situation for the Mutual Insurance community, Mastercom and SEH”.

With the expanded product offering SEH Computer Systems will service over 40 Mutual Insurance companies plus their Insurance Broker partners and handle over 1 Million transactions a year.

More information about the software products it offers can be found at the company website:

A spokesman for SEH Computer Systems shared that the transition of operations and technology should be largely completed by the end of 2020.

Contact info:

Phone: 1.800.575.9974
Organization: SEH Computer Systems Inc
Address: 380 Woodstock St. S.,Suite 2, Tavistock, Ontario

Reported in: OMIA News

Canadian Insurance Article

A small yet progressive company in rural Ontario is proving to be a lifeline for companies that lack the continual support of an in-house IT department. In fact, it might be argued that clients of SEH Computer Systems Inc. are even getting a leg up on their larger counterparts. The reason, explains P. Kevin Remington, president of the Tavistock-based software developer, is that the primary objective at SEH is to deliver a comprehensive, turnkey system inclusive of all needs within the office, negating the need to “patch in” other programs for accounting, statistics, increased connectivity or even to enhance imaging capabilities.